Best Documentaries – Glen Rogers Casasanova Killer

The Real Killer of Nicole Brown Simpson

Rogers was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. He was one of seven children born to Edna (née Sears) and Claude Rogers. Claude was a pump operator at the local Champion paper company. Claude became an alcoholic after marrying Edna. He was fired from his job, forcing the family to move into a lower income neighbourhood. His mother was forced to lie to the landlord, stating that she had only four children, in order rent the home; it was difficult to find a landlord willing to rent to a large family. Rogers had a difficult childhood where he would shoot and make moonshine with his dad. His older brothers started stealing food or money from neighbours  and sometimes stores. Rogers soon became involved as his older brother started using him to break into houses. As a teenager, he became known as a troublemaker with a quick temper, constantly getting in and out juvenile prison systems until his sentence to TICO, where three guards sexually molested him. By the time he was 16, he was expelled from Wilson Junior High School and married his pregnant childhood sweetheart, Deborah Ann Nix. Although the child was not his, Rogers adopted him and moved with his family to Southern California, where he got a job at the Highland Press printing company in Pasadena. Nix and Rogers had a second child together but divorced in 1983. Nix became the first of many women to accuse him of physical abuse. Rogers returned to Hamilton in 1986 or 1987, where he became stuck in a pattern of holding down menial jobs and accumulating a criminal record including public drunkenness, theft, assault and arson.

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