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    Best Documentaries – Education, Education

    In ancient times in China, education was the only way out of poverty – in recent times it has been the best way. China’s economic boom and talk of the merits of hard work have created an expectation that to study is to escape poverty. But these days China’s higher education system only leads to jobs for a few, educating a new generation to unemployment and despair. How do you choose a college when you’re the first person in your […]

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  • louis theroux ultra zionist

    Best Documentaries – Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

    If ever there was a troubled subject that could be opened up by Louis Theroux’s brilliant brand of Gonzo journalism, then it is the acrimonious dispute between Jewish settlers and the Palestinian people of the West Bank. Obviously acrimonious doesn’t quite cover it, but there’s enough web space devoted to that subject to stop a squadron of Israeli tanks. Louis’ disarming style of reporting might be cleverly confrontational, but as always his goal is to get to the real stories […]

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  • counter-intelligence

    Best Documentaries – Counter-Intelligence

    It is no secret that CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it’s happening in a lot of countries. This is not unique to the United States. The United States learned some of this from the British who learned it in turn during the 19th century when they were a dominant imperial power […]

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  • the canary effect

    Best Documentaries – The Canary Effect

    The Canary Effect is a documentary that looks into the effects of that the United States and its policies have on the Indigenous peoples (Native Americans) who are residents. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won the Stanley Kubrick Award at the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival (Michael Moore hosts). The movie was directed by Robin Davey and Yellow Thunder Woman, who are both members of LA Based alternative pop group The Bastard Fairies. Delving deeply into the […]

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  • the peoples kitchen

    Best Documentaries – The Peoples Kitchen

    The Peoples Kitchen is a project that happens each and every week in Dalston, London a group of volunteers meet and go around the area collecting food that would otherwise be thrown away as waste from local shops, markets and gardens, this food in its own right is perfectly good to eat. This food is then brought together in a kitchen where it is cooked and served to around fifty to a hundred people each week, resulting in thousands being […]

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