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  • glen rogers casa nova killer

    Best Documentaries – Glen Rogers Casasanova Killer

    The Real Killer of Nicole Brown Simpson Rogers was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. He was one of seven children born to Edna (née Sears) and Claude Rogers. Claude was a pump operator at the local Champion paper company. Claude became an alcoholic after marrying Edna. He was fired from his job, forcing the family to move into a lower income neighbourhood. His mother was forced to lie to the landlord, stating that she had only four children, in order […]

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  • amelye dyer the baby farm killer

    Best Documentaries – Amelia Dyer The Baby Farm Killer

    Amelia was apparently keen to make money from baby farming, and alongside taking in expectant women, she would advertise to nurse and adopt a baby, in return for a substantial one-off payment and adequate clothing for the child. In her advertisements and meetings with clients, she assured them that she was respectable, married, and that she would provide a safe and loving home for the child. At some point in her baby farming career, Amelia was prepared to forgo the […]

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