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  • healing cancer with cannabis

    Best Documentaries – Healing Cancer with Cannabis

    The story really begins in 1969 when Rick Simpson’s 22-year-old cousin was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors did an operation, and then afterwards they give him chemo. He dropped from 200 pounds down to 120 pounds. Three years later, in 1972, he came home on vacation. They were talking one day and he collapsed right in front of Simpson. He suspected it was probably the cancer back, but he was hoping it wasn’t. As soon as he went in to […]

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  • canada's war on weed

    Best Documentaries – Canada’s War on Weed

    In the wake of legalisation of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, VICE went to Canada’s pot capital to get a glimpse of the current state of the industry in this country. If you like to get high, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of BC Bud. Back in the ’70s, draft dodgers brought their seeds to British Columbia, which happened to have a perfect climate for cultivation. The development of stronger strains higher in THC, an unprotected border with the US, and […]

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  • drugs inc. heroin

    Best Documentaries – Drugs Inc. Heroin

    Drugs: A multibillion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet. Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to hundreds of thousands of poor workers across the globe. While some users sacrifice their lives to an addiction they can’t escape, others find drugs to be their only saving grace from physical or emotional pain almost impossible to overcome. Where should the lines be drawn in this lucrative industry? Heroin is a deadly […]

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  • what if cannabis cured cancer

    Best Documentaries – What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

    Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world-renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries. What if Cannabis Cured Cancer explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the endocannabinoids inside us, along with any cannabinoids we ingest, fit together like a key in a lock. Thereby promoting the death of […]

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  • the cannabis republic of uruguay

    Best Documentaries – The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay

    Last year Colorado became the first state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana, but in Uruguay the government is getting ready to legalize and regulate weed across the country. So, VICE went there to figure out how they’re going to pull this off. Is it going to be a smoker’s paradise or rather overly regulated cash crop for the government? In December 2013 Uruguay’s Congress passed a law that regulated the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. It was a […]

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  • cannabis reasearch studies that went wrong

    Best Documentaries – Cannabis Research Studies

    Israel is the marijuana research capital of the world. The man who started it all, the grandfather of the marijuana research, is Professor Raphael Mechoulam. He is a chemist and he became interested in marijuana in the 1960s. Morphine had been isolated from opium in the early 19th century, cocaine had been isolated from coca leaves in the mid 19th century and yet in the mid 20th century the chemistry of the cannabis was not known. It looked like an interesting […]

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  • the drug trial that went wrong

    Best Documentaries – The Drug Trial That Went Wrong

    For five months Brian Deer has followed the personal story of Ryan Wilson, who nearly died in the trial. When Ryan was brought out of a two-and-a-half week coma he was told he had suffered irreparable damage to his hands and feet during his fight for life. With exclusive access to the 20-year-old trainee plumber, Dispatches captures the events of that day and the impact it has had on Ryan and those closest to him. His mother Marion Flanagan said: “He […]

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  • we love cigarettes

    Best Documentaries – We Love Cigarettes

    A love of nicotine unites all peoples across the globe, regardless of colour, wealth or creed. Where religion and politics have failed tobacco has succeeded, but at what cost? For over 50 years people have been knowingly paying for the pleasure of tobacco with their lives, making man’s fatal tryst with the cigarette one of the strangest love affairs ever. But as smoking bans in the US and Europe abound, what is happening in poorer nations? Their love affair is still in its first […]

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  • Best Documentaries – The War on Kids

    Best Documentaries – The War on Kids

    This film is an expose of the war on drugs, and the way federal grants are awarded to local law enforcement based on the number of drug arrests reported. In turn these police departments prey on some of the most vulnerable members of their communities to keep their number up and the money flowing in. In an undercover sting called “Operation Glass House” police officers infiltrated three Temecula, California high schools, where they attempted to build friendships with students and purchase […]

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  • american drug war the last white hope

    Best Documentaries – American Drug War: The Last White Hope

    35 years after Nixon started the war on drugs, we have over one million non-violent drug offenders living behind bars. The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure? Inspired by the death of four family members from “legal drugs” Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to discover why the Drug War has become such a big failure. Three and a half years […]

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  • hemp war conspiracy

    Best Documentaries – Hemp War Conspiracy

    This video is about a man’s fight for truth, justice and a plant. What began as a singular battle has turned into a massive movement to educate America about this environmentally beneficial plant. Emperor of Hemp exposes government and big-business efforts to keep the plant illegal, and takes you to the front lines of the pro-hemp movement. This is the film that contains the facts about one movement… one man… and one miraculous plant that could revolutionize the world. The best-selling book The […]

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