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  • fishing with john criterion collection

    Best Documentaries – Fishing With John: Criterion Collection

    The thought of watching somebody fishing is, to me, the height of existential folly. As Estragon says in Becket’s Waiting for Godot, Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful. Thus was my apprehension great when faced with the task of watching 147 minutes of men fishing. However, my delight was substantial when I found myself completely captivated by this series of fishing trips, culled from the early 1990s television program, Fishing with John.

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  • girt by beards

    Best Documentaries – Girt by Beards

    The World Beard and Mustache Championships is a bi-annual event that was established in 1990. Competitors from around the globe compete in what has been dubbed the Olympics of professional beard growing. The Beards are a South Australian band that exclusively write and perform songs about the importance of having a beard. In 2009, The Beards (and two fellow bearded Aussies) travel to Anchorage, Alaska, to perform at and compete in the World Beard and Mustache

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  • charlie brooker how tv ruined your life

    Best Documentaries – How TV Ruined Your Life

    Comedy series in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television. Ever wondered why life doesn’t measure up to those youthful lofty expectations? From love and money to fear and progress, Charlie Brooker explores a different universal theme each week as this six-part series attempts to explain where it all went wrong and just how wildly the TV and movie ideal differs from life’s grim reality.

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  • charlie brookers gameswipe

    Best Documentaries – Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe

    Charlie Brooker sets his caustic sights on video games. Expect acerbic comment as he looks at the various genres, how they have changed since their early conception and how the media represents games and gamers. Features interviews with Dara O’Briain, sitcom scribe Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania. The one-off special was very similar to its predecessors, in that Brooker, along with a camera and various games consoles, reviewed and previewed

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  • charlie brookers screen wipe

    Best Documentaries – Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

    Screenwipe is a television programme, presented by comedian Charlie Brooker, which reviews other British television programmes with a caustic and humorous tone. Brooker analyses specific programmes and genres, regularly making jokes about how programmes are created, and criticizing what he states is the bureaucracy behind programme-making.

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  • newswipe charlie brooker

    Best Documentaries – Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe

    Following the success of Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, BBC Four has commissioned Zeppotron to produce a brand new series – Charlie Brooker’s News Wipe. The aim of Charlie Brooker’s News Wipe is to expose the inner workings of news media, just as Screen Wipe does to TV in general. The series is funny, thoughtful and scabrous digest of recent news events.

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  • totally bill hicks

    Best Documentaries – Totally Bill Hicks

    A celebration of the comedy of Bill Hicks. The film is structured around the different strains of comedy in the Hicks stand-up, sampling the best of his confrontational performance. Interviewees include two major American chat show hosts, David Letterman and Jay Leno, the actor Eric Bogosian and a wide range of comedians who admired his work including Sean Hughes and Eddie Izzard.

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